Special deal on Grayson Brothers boxed set!

Special deal on Grayson Brothers series! For a limited time these 4 “emotionally gripping love stories” are on sale for just 99 cents! The series began when… Radford Grayson arrived in late spring after the lilacs had blossomed and before the blistering heat of summer crept in… His dark eyes revealed a secret he tried desperately…

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Grayson Brothers Movies?

Grayson Brothers Movies? Really? Heads up readers! For years, you’ve been requesting that the Grayson Brothers books be made into movies. Well, here’s your chance to let your request be heard.  PassionFlix is “Turning your favorite romance novels into movies and series… On Demand”! How cool is that? And you can have a vote on which…

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Spring Fling - Leave it for the Rain is FREE today!

To Celebrate Spring in the USA… I’m giving away FREE books! Limited time special, so grab your e-book now (and feel free to share this notice with your friends). A novel so compelling, heartwarming, and hopeful that it carries you down a path of rediscovery and what it means to truly love. “This is one of the…

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Valentine's Day Sale...

My Heart’s Desire is 99 Cents for a limited time. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with an emotionally gripping love story…   “My Heart’s Desire” is the sweet edition of Kissing in the Dark.  Grab this deal now… Sale Ends Soon!

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Bestseller ONLY YOU on sale

Only You is 99 Cents for a limited time! Hello and happy New Year! A quick shout out to let you all know that ONLY YOU is on sale now for 99 Cents.  “Only You” is the sweet edition of The Longing.  Sale Ends Soon!

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