Spring Fling - Leave it for the Rain is FREE today!

To Celebrate Spring in the USA… I’m giving away FREE books! Limited time special, so grab your e-book now (and feel free to share this notice with your friends). A novel so compelling, heartwarming, and hopeful that it carries you down a path of rediscovery and what it means to truly love. “This is one of the…

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Valentine's Day Sale...

My Heart’s Desire is 99 Cents for a limited time. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with an emotionally gripping love story…   “My Heart’s Desire” is the sweet edition of Kissing in the Dark.  Grab this deal now… Sale Ends Soon!

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Bestseller ONLY YOU on sale

Only You is 99 Cents for a limited time! Hello and happy New Year! A quick shout out to let you all know that ONLY YOU is on sale now for 99 Cents.  “Only You” is the sweet edition of The Longing.  Sale Ends Soon!

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Christmas Extravaganza - Free books!

A Christmas Promise is FREE now! 150 FREE books and $1000+ in prizes! To celebrate the holiday season, I’ve added A Christmas Promise to this fantastic Christmas Romance Extravaganza. Be sure to share this huge giveaway and contest with your reader friends. Extravaganza ends December 26th, so enter soon!  

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Shades of Honor is a "Top Rated Romance" at iBooks!

And it’s FREE now! For the next few days, you can load up your ipads, iphones and other reading gadgets with dozens of “5-star Series Starters” FREE!  This deal ends August 17th, so hurry and download your selections at iBooks now!  

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