Shades of HonorThe one woman he cannot have is the only woman he wants.

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Everything Radford Grayson wanted was in his hometown: his beloved mother and brothers, and the unscarred part of himself he’d left behind. After surviving a gruesome war, all Radford wants is to work the family sawmill and make a real home for his young daughter. But Evelyn—his brother’s fiancée—reaches into his darkness with her healing love and makes him feel whole again for the first time in years. Torn between his unexpected and forbidden love for Evelyn and a desperate need to honor and protect his brother, Radford discovers that his fiercest enemy is his own heart. The one woman he cannot have is the only woman he wants.

Author’s Note

While researching the Civil War, I was deeply touched by a memoir written by Capt. George K. Collins entitled Memoirs of the 149th Regt N. Y. Vol. Inft. 3d Brig., 2dDiv., 12th and 20th A. C. War of 1861. This was a beautiful, poignant story of young boys who fought all the major battles of the war and became me under horrific circumstances.Shades of Honor

Though this particular regiment was formed in Syracuse, New York, many courageous volunteers came from the Fredonia area where this story is set. Situated on the brim of Lake Erie in rustic country sown with grape vineyards, Fredonia is the home of the first gas well. In the nineteenth century Fredonia was also a leader at establishing The Women’s Christian Temperance Union, as well as the first Grange (a national fraternal association originally made up of farmers). During the years surrounding the Civil War, the Pemberton Inn in Fredonia was reputed to have been a station for the Underground Railroad (an overland system that helped escaped slaves to freedom).

Although I’ve taken some liberty with landmarks in Fredonia to suit this story, I have attempted to honor the history of this quaint village built around a beautiful Common, decorated with twin fountains and ancient maple trees that still turn glorious shades of red and gold each fall.


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