Grayson Brothers Movies?

Grayson Brothers Movies? Really?

Heads up readers! For years, you’ve been requesting that the Grayson Brothers books be made into movies. Well, here’s your chance to let your request be heard. 

PassionFlix is “Turning your favorite romance novels into movies and series… On Demand”! How cool is that? And you can have a vote on which books become movies, which actors get to play the main roles, and even score an “invitation for a walk on role, premiere parties, or visit to set.”

If you’re serious about seeing the Grayson Brothers series on the screen, check out the PassionFlix website and send them a message via their Facebook Page asking for Grayson Brothers movies by yours truly.  While you’re there, consider becoming a founding member and getting in on the fun.

And just to be clear, I have no connection whatsoever with PassionFlix. I just think it’s a super cool idea and have become a founding member to support the type of programming (movies made by women for women) they are providing. Plus, I really want a vote on which actors get the role of hero!

If you want to see the Grayson Brothers in action on screen, message your requests now!