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Are You Part of the Tiny House Movement?

Did you know that “…an increasing number of people are embracing what is called the “Tiny House Movement,” a trend where people are downsizing their living spaces.”—Elizabeth Murray, Today show

I’m one of those people!

I love my Rustic Studio and my home. The area I live in is too beautiful to leave, but winters here can be harsh. The hills, the changing seasons, and the slower pace of small town America suit me and my writing life. However, during these long, cold winter days I can’t help daydreaming of owning a Tiny House in a warmer climate where we can escape the blustery winter days.

My “secret plan” is to build my Tiny House in the mid south in an area filled with rolling hills and meandering creeks—and lots of sunshine! The Smokey Mountains of Tennessee or the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Mid-Atlantic States might make a perfect setting for my Tiny Dream Home.

I envision adding a main lodge with a huge stone fireplace and loft style cozy guestrooms with an upper level interior balcony—friends and family will need a place to stay. I see us sitting in rustic, thick-cushioned chairs arranged around a massive fireplace where we’ll all share festive meals and easy conversations. Outside, I would create a large fenced play area with trees and a shallow creek where my boys (four rascal cats) could run and climb and wear themselves out before settling in our Tiny Home for a night of cuddling in our loft bedroom.

Grayson Guide Melissa thinks we should both move our families south and create a Tiny Home resort similar to Oak Haven Resort & Spa in Sevierville, Tennessee, but I don’t know about having her as a neighbor. She wants to have baby goats as pets. They’re cute as the dickens, but I can’t imagine listening to all that bleating while trying to write.

For now, I’ll enjoy my beautiful home and rustic studio and keep looking at Tiny homes to see which style and size best fits my plan. I recently started following the Living Large in Our Little House on Facebook. This week they are posting Tiny houses across the United States available to rent as vacation homes.  How cool is that?

The one thing I’m certain of is that I’ll need to get rid of a lot of clothes if I move into a Tiny home. My must have in a Tiny home? My e-reader, of course. Must have my books!

Have you considered downsizing to a Tiny home? Could you live in a Tiny home—typically 300 square feet or less? Join the conversation and share your comments below.

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9 years ago

Omg, I’m in LOVE!

Melissa Deckman
Melissa Deckman
9 years ago