More Than Leaves Are Changing At Rustic Studio

Fall at Rustic Studio

As pink and purple petunias and summer flowers make way for fall sedum and changing maple leaves, I’m digging out my cozy sweaters and preparing mugs of hot apple cider. Night temps are dropping into the forties now, and I’ve built our first fire in the woodstove.

Autumn is my second favorite season (spring is my fave). When autumn arrives life seems to settle down some and all of us at Rustic Studio finally get to breathe.

Our bucolic glade is losing its green lushness as the maple leaves turn gold and red. Soon our lawn will be a blanket of fallen leaves. Our backyard friends have already started foraging in preparation for winter.  The twin fawns, Raindrop and Honeydew, are losing their spots and becoming more independent, while Mama’s and Mr. Sunshine’s coats are deepening to a darker brown.

Two of my fur babies relaxing.

My four fur babies are seeking the warmth of my bed at night instead of camping out in their outside enclosure, which means I wake up with no feeling in my legs.

The change of season also brings out my craving for hot stews and soups thick with vegetables, wild rice, and beans. To avoid adding unwanted winter fat, Grayson Guide Melissa and I recently completed a 10 day cleanse and are making healthy meals for our families and are finally getting back to kickboxing. When we do splurge, one of our favorite meals is this white chicken chili.  The fresh cilantro makes this chilly ahhhh-mazing! This is one of those throw-it-in-the-crockpot recipes, my go-to method of cooking when in my writing cave.

White Chicken Chili

Speaking of my writing cave…I’m pleased to share that there has been a flurry of words flying from my fingertips. I am currently working on three new books.  I’m well underway with Hal & Nancy Grayson’s story, which will come out in January, and will be followed by Dawson & Nancy’s book (aiming for February).  I started their stories early this spring, but due to some medical issues within my family I had to put the books aside for a short while.  Thankfully, I am back at it and I am having a great time with each of their stories.

 Nancy Grayson is such a beautiful woman. Her strength and beauty will shine through as she falls in love with Hal and then again as she falls in love with Dawson Crane and learns there are still more first-times and new loves at any age. Hal Grayson and Dawson Crane are absolutely swoon worthy men and Nancy Grayson, although deserving of them, is one lucky gal.

When I Fall in Love is the sensual edition of Hal and Nancy’s story.  Always and Forever is the sweet edition. We are busy working on titles and covers for Nancy & Dawson’s story (we’ll share them soon). Pre-orders for When I Fall in Love and Always and Forever will be also available soon.  I will be sharing those links in my newsletter and on my social media pages.

As for the other book I’m working on, I am keeping that secret for now, but I’m super excited about it.

Can you guess whose story is next?

Stay tuned. Or better yet, if you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter.  I will be sharing titles and covers along with release dates and pre-order links. My newsletter subscribers are the first to know of new book releases.  You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Now for some fun news for the month! Our sweet Second Chance Brides series is topping the bestseller lists at Amazon (hit #4 storewide) and Barnes and Noble (#41 storewide) along with making it to #1 on numerous sub-genre bestseller lists. Our heartfelt thanks to our readers who are keeping several of these books at the top of these bestseller lists.

Kindle | Nook | Apple | Kobo | Google

All right, enough from me for the moment as I must get back to the writing cave (or more aptly my gorgeous rustic studio) and get these books finished. In the meantime, if you have any stew or soup recipes you would like to share with us, please post below and/or in the Grayson Parlor.

Peace and warmest wishes from all of us at Rustic Studio.





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