New Year — New Goals

730522_10151312811246538_78078248_n (1)Here’s a secret about me that most people don’t know. A number of years ago I suffered from severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

It was an extremely difficult time of my life. My body was exhausted. I couldn’t think clearly and I was significantly underweight. Fortunately, I found a naturopathic doctor and a holistic doctor who were able to help me reverse the downward spiral of my health and set me on the road to recovery. It took four years to regain my strength and to feel human again, but with the help of cleansing, adding good nutritional supplements and maintaining a clean diet, I was able to not only able to recover but to return to excellent health.

This time of year when everyone seems to be making resolutions and getting back to their fitness classes, I am reminded to not take my health for granted.

Although I’m back to fitness kickboxing and other intense training, I still have to be careful of how I eat and handle the stresses of everyday life. That became painfully clear earlier this year when I let my health take a back seat in order to tend an ill family member.

After months of stress and poor eating habits, I could feel myself slipping back into the downward spiral of Chronic Fatigue. I could not allow myself to slide down that path again. I needed to get back to work and write some books, which is hard to do when one is fatigued! So, Grayson Guide Melissa and I decided to do a 10 day cleanse to rid our bodies (and brains) of toxins.

We chose the same cleanse that my naturopath had me on while I was recovering. At that time, it was necessary for me to remain on the cleanse for several months. But, Melissa and I just needed a 10-day cleanse to get us back on a healthier path. We decided if we still felt fatigued and brain-drained at the end of the 10 days we would continue the cleanse until we noticed a significant improvement.

If you choose to do a cleanse, your own health will determine how long you need to cleanse. The number one requirement is preparation, commitment and patience. And it helps to have a buddy join you in doing a cleanse. It makes preparation and meal planning much more fun.

Even though my naturopath has since retired, I still purchase the same products.The reason I use these same products is that they are nutraceutical grade products. That means the development, production, and distribution processes are policed to ensure the integrity of the products.

Melissa and I made it through our first cleanse in August. The first few days were admittedly difficult, especially days 5 through 7, as our bodies detoxified and were brought back into balance. But, the a2014-12-17 09.08.17 - Copymazing results were well worth the struggle. And the crisp salads, juicy fruits, and grilled fish we were eating were truly delicious. By day 6 we were thinking clearly again and by day 10 we both felt like new women. We were not only thinking clearly again, we both had vibrant energy that we hadn’t possessed in a long while. Even though our goal wasn’t necessarily to lose weight, we both lost a few pounds. 

New Year—New Me — New You?

Now here we are nearly five months later in the midst of the cold gray winter feeling the after effects of all of the running around and unhealthy foods of the holiday season. So, we have decided to do another cleanse… with our readers, if you’d like to join us.

In preparation for our cleanse we have started cleaning up our diet and removing the Wendy Lindstrom Fitness Classjunk food from our cupboards.We have also rejoined our fitness and combatives classes. I am working toward my high green belt and Melissa is working toward her orange belt in AKT Combatives. Getting back to class is euphoric, but holy moly are we ever sore. But as they say, no pain, no gain.

Today’s lunch was homemade vegetable soup and a delicious salad topped with blood orange infused olive oil and blackberry balsamic vinegar. We’ll share more pics and recipes of our meals as we fully embark on the cleanse.

Stay tuned as we chronicle our progress. We will also share some helpful hints, recipes, and the products we love and use. Check out the “Health and Wellness” section in The Emporium for some of the products we will be using for our cleanse and to help us stay healthy in 2016. For those who are interested, here are the cleanse instructions. The brochure includes a step by step guide on how the cleanse works, the supplements you will need, and a list of the foods that work best with the cleanse along with a meal plan. 20160103_143028-e1452649479770

We need to add a disclaimer here to state that we are not medical professionals and are not acting in such capacity. Nor should it be construed that we are making any recommendations directly or indirectly in that regard. We are merely sharing information on the products we use and love based on our own experience—like one shares info on their favorite shampoo. You’ll need to check with your healthcare practitioner and decide for yourself what works for you.

Want to be one of our cleanse buddies?

Grab your cleanse products in the “Health and Wellness” section of The Emporium (check with your doctor first!) and join us in the Grayson Parlor on February 1st when we kick off our next cleanse. It’s the perfect time to detox and recapture that healthy glow for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

Be sure to join us in the Grayson Parlor and share any thoughts, tips, and comments you might have.

Wishing you a year ahead filled with vibrant health and many beautiful moments.