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 Grayson Brothers Series

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Series

When I Fall in Love

      Publication Date: 01-03-2016

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-22-3

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-50-6

      ASIN: B016LGBN8O

 Shades of Honor (RITA Award Winner)

     Publication Date: 12-22-2010

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-00-1

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-51-3

      ASIN: B004H1U3VO

The Longing (Romantic Times 4-1/2 Star Top Pick!)

     Publication Date: 12-26-2010

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-03-2

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-52-0

      ASIN: B004HB1XLS

Lips That Touch Mine

     Publication Date: 01-02-2011

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-01-8

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-53-7

      ASIN: B004HO68OW

Kissing in the Dark

     Publication Date: 01-02-2011

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-02-5

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-54-4

      ASIN: B004HO6ATU

Sleigh of Hope

     Publication Date: 12-14-2013

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1939263056

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-55-1

      ASIN: B00AOG8I3Q

Leave it for the Rain

     Publication Date: 09-25-14

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-06-3

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-56-8

      ASIN: B00IX2YORW

The Promise in Your Eyes

     Publication Date: 03-20-16

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-14-8

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-57-5

      ASIN: B019WRMLS0

Captured by Your Love

     Publication Date: 09-07-2021

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-61-2

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-78-0

      ASIN: B094HHQFZZ


Second Chance Brides 

“Sweet” Editions of the Grayson Brothers series

Always and Forever

      Publication Date: 01-03-16

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-21-6

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-28-5

      ASIN: B016LGU682

Twice Loved

     Publication Date: 03-09-15

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-15-5

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-29-2

      ASIN: B00UI5G3CQ

Then Came You

     Publication Date: 03-09-15

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-16-2

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-30-8

      ASIN: B00UI5GKQA

Only You

     Publication Date: 03-09-15

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-17-9

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-31-5

      ASIN: B00UI5GWPO

My Heart’s Desire

      Publication Date: 04-12-15

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-18-6

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-32-2

      ASIN: B00UI69A20

The Greatest Gift

      Publication Date: 05-10-15

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-19-3

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-58-2

      ASIN: B00UI69WS2

My Forever Love

     Publication Date: 06-07-15

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-20-9

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-34-6

      ASIN: B00UI7MSGE

Chances Are

     Publication Date: 03-20-16

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-24-7

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-35-3

      ASIN: B019WVO0IU

A Moment Like This

     Publication Date: 09-07-21

      ISBN (Digital): 978-1-939263-59-9

      ISBN (Print): 978-1-939263-60-5

      ASIN: B094HKBFP7