A Moment Like This

Book Nine: Second Chance Brides

Kidnapped, lied to, and betrayed, will her unexpected journey with the handsome captain be a cruel abduction—or an adventure that will save her?

When Grace Covington, granddaughter to a powerful railroad industrialist, risks her life to help a friend, she believes no one will learn of her daring escapade. But her plans go awry when she is kidnapped by a bold, handsome captain who sails her straight into an emotional tidal wave.

Captain Leo Sullivan wants to prove he’s not the lowly kidnapper Grace believes him to be, but he is honor bound to not tell her why, or where, he’s taking her.

With every nautical mile they sail together, Grace finds her feelings warming toward her captor, but she wonders if this journey between them will heal her broken heart… or drown her in a sea of regret.


This book was a fun collaboration and wonderful adventure with my good friend and bestselling author Cali Coleman—learn more about Cali!

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