Spring Fever and March Madness

20150113_140049Holy moly! It’s 10 degrees Fahrenheit at my Rustic Studio and I’m coming down with a bad case of March Madness and Spring Fever.

As I look out my studio window, my frozen water feature makes me long for the sunny days of summer.  The limbs of the magnolia bushes are barely visible above the several feet of snow that covers my lawn.  The cardinals and blue jays don’t seem to mind the cold though. They’re all aflutter drinking and bathing in the opening we keep on the pond for our koi (I hope they survive!).  The sight makes me shiver and I’m glad to be tucked inside my cozy studio.

Spring seems so far off, but it’s only days away—Spring 2015 officially begins on Friday, March 20th at 6:46 pm!  I know this because…well, I’m obsessed with getting outside and landscaping my new water feature.

It will be several weeks before the temperature is consistently warm enough to be outside without a jacket, but I’m already daydreaming about planting new flowers and groundcover around my water feature.

Last spring, I added the small pond and some landscaping to replace a monstrous above ground pool.  It was bliss to hear water splashing against slate rocks instead of the sound of a humming pool pump.  The burbling stream is much more inspiring. After the water feature was installed, we planted a few rhododendron and magnolia bushes and some annuals to add some temporary color.  This year we’ll be adding creeping myrtle and other groundcover along with some colorful perennials. I’ll be posting before and after pics in the Grayson Parlor, so make sure you have access to the Parlor.

While nosing around for the perfect plants I discovered a website that has great tips on water gardening.   Are any of you fellow gardeners?  Have you watched Pond Stars on Nat Geo Wild featuring Aquascape’s pond builders?  I just recently discovered the website and show, and much like the tiny home movement, I am becoming obsessed.  If you are into water gardening, you will find some great inspiration on the show and on Aquascape’s website http://www.aquascapeinc.com/.

So, while I wait for the thaw to begin, I’ll be nestled in my studio nosing through gardening books and watching those crazy birds bathe in my icy pond. I’ll be ordering lawn furniture and planning my garden while finishing up the next Grayson Brothers book (more on that very soon).

Meanwhile, please help me combat Spring Fever by sharing pictures of your gardens, water or otherwise, and your landscaping tips and inspiration. Post below and/or in the Grayson Parlor (Click on Topic: Spring Fever).

And please send me some sunshine!

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