Lips That Touch Mine

Book Four: The Grayson Brothers

A New Town, A New Life… And One Man Who Can Save Her Or Destroy Her.

Haunted by a past filled with violence and abuse, Claire Ashier must protect her new home and her battered heart from Boyd Grayson, the charming saloon owner who is ruining her boardinghouse business. That’s not an easy task when her only friend in town is Boyd’s dog Sailor. While marching on Boyd’s noisy saloon, Claire matches wits with the handsome saloon owner and they develop an unexpected friendship that changes the game for them. It’s a passionate game filled with risk. Boyd wants more, but are the stakes too high for Claire to trust a saloon owner and open her heart to love again?

“Riveting—a wonderful story. Couldn’t put it down.” —L. Benner

“Beautifully written. Much more than just a romance.” —Old Book Barn Gazette

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