The Graysons - Deluxe Collection (Books 1-9)

A gorgeous, sweeping New York Times and USA Today bestselling series, set in Victorian era America, about members of the extraordinary Grayson family who will risk everything for love.



A Mail Order Bride He Doesn’t Want—A Woman He Can’t Resist

Nancy Mitchell refuses to marry the man her father chose for her. Her only escape from the dreadful arrangement is to find another husband quick so she agrees to become a mail order bride. When a drastic change in circumstances dumps her into the arms of Hal Grayson, a handsome, grieving man who hates her family, she is forced to rethink her hastily made plan. Can her fierce resolve and inner strength help him piece his world together again even when her own begins to unravel?



She Planned To Marry Her Best Friend—Then His Brother Returned Home And Complicated Everything

Marrying her beloved friend, Kyle Grayson, will allow Evelyn Tucker to care for her ailing father. But when Kyle’s older brother, Radford, returns home with his young daughter, it turns Evelyn’s life upside down.  The undeniable spark between them ignites a love neither has known… and neither can embrace. Torn by her forbidden feelings for Radford and her desperate need to honor and protect Kyle, Evelyn faces an impossible dilemma and her greatest heartache.

Winner of the RITA award!



Can Their Marriage Of Convenience Lead To A Lifetime Of Love?

When dire circumstances force Amelia Drake to marry her father’s business competitor, Kyle Grayson, she thinks things can’t get worse.  Despite their undeniable attraction to each other, Kyle has been wounded and guards his emotions as closely as she guards her secrets. Can she ever trust him enough to share the truth about her past or forgive his own dark revelations? Will the warm, passionate man he conceals behind his staunch business demeanor show himself before their secrets tear them apart?

Romantic Times 4-1/2 star Top Pick!



A New Town, A New Life… And One Man Who Can Save Her Or Destroy Her

Haunted by a past filled with violence and abuse, Claire Ashier must protect her new home and her battered heart from Boyd Grayson, the charming saloon owner who is ruining her boardinghouse business. While marching on Boyd’s noisy saloon, Claire matches wits with the handsome saloon owner and they develop an unexpected friendship that changes the game. It’s a passionate game filled with risk. Boyd wants more, but are the stakes too high for Claire to trust a saloon owner and open her heart to love again?



He Is The Only Man Who Can Protect Her—And The One Who Can Hurt Her The Most

Desperate circumstances set Faith Wilkins on the run and straight into Sheriff Duke Grayson’s protective arms. Hiding her true identity to keep her family safe, Faith hopes her past won’t find her. She believes she can build a good life with the dutiful lawman, but their relationship is built on lies because the truth could get them killed. If her shocking secrets are ever revealed, is the sheriff the kind of man who will stand beside her? Or will he be the one to crush her dreams forever?



Experience The Wonder Of A Grayson Family Christmas…

When Adam Grayson and his sweetheart Rebecca discover two orphans hiding in his sister’s greenhouse, they promise to help the boys find a loving home. Adam never suspects that home might be his own. Being an only son is not a position he wants to give up, but in trying to protect his place as an only son will Adam lose what he wants most—to win Rebecca’s heart and become a man of integrity like his father and uncles?



A Love She Can’t Remember… A Woman He Can’t Forget

On the Eve of her wedding Rebecca Grayson suffers a tragic accident and wakes to a world of strangers. She is surrounded by a loving family and a handsome fiancé that she doesn’t recognize. Devastated that she can’t remember Adam and their tender past or their passionate plans for the future, Rebecca questions if she can find her way back to the boy who had promised her forever.



A Heartbroken Widow Vows To Never Love Again—A Reclusive Millionaire Plans To Change Her Mind

Nancy Grayson has never stopped loving her deceased husband Hal. For years, she has found contentment in tending her family—until a chance encounter with reclusive millionaire Dawson Crane pries open her lonely heart. Can she let go of the love of her past and embrace the man who offers her a second chance at love?



Kidnapped, lied to, and betrayed…Will her unexpected journey with the handsome captain be a cruel abduction—or a passionate adventure that will save her?

When Grace Covington, granddaughter to a powerful railroad industrialist, risks her life to help a friend, she believes no one will learn about her daring escapade. But her plans go awry when she is kidnapped by a bold, handsome captain who sails her straight into an emotional tidal wave. With every nautical mile Grace sails with Captain Leo Sullivan, she finds her feelings warming toward her captor. She has never experienced desire until crossing paths with this man, this captain who has completely swept her away, but she wonders if this journey between them will heal her broken heart… or drown her in a sea of regret.


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“This series is FABULOUS! Captured me from the beginning…I laughed, I cried, I was completely enthralled with the Grayson’s and their path to finding love.” –Mmoore

“The entire Grayson Brothers series is absolutely fantastic. How could you not love stories about four strong, brave, loving brothers? They are each so well written and just impossible to put down.” –Past Romance


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