The Promise in Your Eyes

Book Eight: The Grayson Brothers

A Heartbroken Widow Vows to Never Love Again—A Reclusive Millionaire Plans to Change Her Mind

Time has a way of healing broken hearts, but not for widow Nancy Grayson. She has never stopped loving her deceased husband Hal. For years, she has found contentment in tending her family—until a chance encounter with reclusive millionaire Dawson Crane pries open her lonely heart. Dawson reawakens her spirit and her need for love. She longs for his companionship, but each step that takes her closer to Dawson betrays her love for Hal. Is it possible to love two men at the same time? Can she let go of the love of her past and embrace a future with the man who offers her a second chance at love?

“WOW! Second chance romance with so many emotions” —Maria

“A story of a mother’s love and how, as mothers, we often forget that we have needs. I found myself with tears in my eyes over Nancy’s decision.” —KP

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