Leave It for the Rain coming to paperback!

Leave It To The Rain by Wendy LindstromAdam and Rebecca, the beloved young sweethearts in the award-winning Grayson Brothers series, now have their own love story in the not-to-be-missed: Leave it for the Rain.

Ebook Now Available
Paperback coming July 25, 2014

Longtime readers of the wildly popular Grayson Brothers series have enjoyed the budding romance of young Adam and Rebecca. Now the teen sweethearts are in their twenties and ready to get married and start a family of their own.

Adam has finished his education and is poised to take on his responsibilities at the Grayson Sawmill. Rebecca has followed in her mother’s footsteps and now oversees the Grayson Stables. But tragedy strikes as the young couple meets beneath their favorite willow tree to make plans for their wedding.

It will take all of Adam’s strength and Rebecca’s courage to claim their future together. First, though, they must learn to leave all their pain to the rain.

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