Welcome 2016

IMG_2209Welcome 2016

The arrival of a new year always seems to bring about a time for reflection. We all seem to make the same resolutions every year; lose that pesky 5 or 10 pounds, exercise more, save more money… The list goes on and on.Usually, by March the resolutions we make in January are long forgotten.  This year I have resolved to not make resolutions, but instead to set goals for the upcoming year. These are my goals for 2016.  



My 2016 Goals:

  • Launch an exciting new book series!
  • Learn to ride my Honda Rebel.
  • Get fit again and earn my high green belt in AKT Combatives.
  • Build a vine-covered pergola over my water feature.
  • Remember to breathe and live fully in each moment for a more centered and balanced life.

I am sure I will add to the list as the year progresses, but for now this is my focus.  

I hope that we can inspire each other throughout the year to reach our goals.  What are your goals for the upcoming year.  Share them below in the comments.  


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